Linux Professionals in High Demand


What is making Linux so popular?

Linux is expected to grow at a swift pace for next 30 years as more and more businesses discover its advantages. With this booming Linux deployment comes, an increased demand for professionals who are conversant with Linux.

Is certification in Linux must if you want to pursue a career in Linux?

A survey by ‘The Linux Foundation’ states that 85% of hiring managers say that finding Linux talent is somewhat to very difficult. It is not must to have a certification, but companies usually prefer a certified candidate to the one who is not certified but has Linux know how’s.

Which Linux Certification is most sought after by the industry?

Though there are a number of Linux Certifications, companies mostly prefer aspirants with RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineers) certification. The RHCE programs designed to be a practical, performance based exam, and requires the candidates to solve practical issues in an enterprise environment.IDC believes that certifications that represent a rigorous and meaningful proof of skills and competencies are tremendously valuable to near-term organizational success. This is exactly what RHCE provides.

What they say about RHCE?

  • RHCE is the “crown jewel of Linux certifications” —
  • #1 inoverall Quality of Program, Education, and Test Exams — Certification Mag/Fairchild Research
  • Red Hat Training and Certification Programs are “unparalleled in the Linux realm” — UnixReview


Role-based training methodology

RHCEs one of the best IT certifications, as the performance-based testing requires more than simple memorization. It requires the ability to perform the tasks required in actual IT environments. Because of this method of testing, RHCE continue to be in high demand by the most competitive enterprise IT organizations.

Authorized Red Hat Training Partners:

In order to write the RHCE examination, you must undergo the official Red Hat training program at a Red Hat Authorized Training Partner Center. There are more than 250 Red Hat training partners across India but only a few of them are performing very well. Complete Open Source Solutions (COSS) in Hyderabad, Network Nuts in New Delhi and IPSR Solutions in Cochin are one of the best performing Red Hat Training Partners, who are consistently awarded the “Best Certified Red Hat Training Partners” for different regions by Red Hat Global Learning Services.

Red Hat India Training manager Abhijit Roy says “Red hat has awarded COSS as their best training partner for generating maximum RHCE’s and other certified professionals in south India. Their training has hands on quality education, increased student satisfaction and best in infrastructure,. COSS has also created more than 10k training, consulting customer base in last 8 years”

Red Hat partners with Monster to provide job assistance to the RHCEs.

Red Hat now has tied up with to provide placement assistance to those who pass the Red Hat Certifications. Red Hat provides opportunities to upload their resume in Monster and apply for various job postings. Employers also approach the Red Hat certified students or professionals directly and can verify their certificates online

Red Hat Cluster Suite Overview

A cluster computer is a group of (usually locally) networked computers that distribute computing tasks across each individual computer in order to replicate the function of a supercomputer. Cluster computer systems are elaborately set up in comparison to a single supercomputer solution, but cost-effectiveness and modularity make cluster computing
more versatile and appealing.

Storage clusters provide a consistent file system image across servers in a cluster, allowing the servers to simultaneously read and write to a single shared file system. A storage cluster simplifies storage administration by limiting the installation and patching of applications to one file system. Also, with a cluster-wide file system, a storage cluster eliminates the need for redundant copies of application data and simplifies backup and disaster recovery. Red Hat Cluster Suite provides storage clustering through Red Hat GFS. Continue reading

Components Required for Redhat Clustering

Clustering is probably one of the most important features that you can enjoy with your Redhat subscription. You will be amazed to find out how Redhat included everything under one package. Being one of the leading providers of software solutions, you can expect only the best features from Redhat and one of them is Redhat clustering.

Clustering has been used by different administrators regardless of the type of environment. But there are times when common vendors do not provide the needed support, component or access that you need. In short, there are high chances if paying extra just to complete your setup. With Redhat, you get to access what you need without any unnecessary expenses. If you’re looking forward to establishing your own Redhat clustering, then you should know all about the important components. Continue reading

Take Advantage of Redhat Consulting

Different IT solutions and platforms govern the business field nowadays and enterprises are continuously seeking for the best ways to reduce IT costs while implementing more effective daily operations. As businesses try their best to outpace competitors, they eventually realize that traditional ways of acquiring IT products are demanding more of their budgets. As a response to the need for reliable options to meet daily business and technological demands, a company called Redhat introduces its consulting services. Redhat consulting can help business owners become more aware of the concept of open source technology. There are various Redhat partners that can make a big difference to the way companies utilize modern IT solutions. With proper consulting services and identification of the company’s, the available solutions can be matched. Then it will possible to acquire huge amounts of savings by cutting the costs of IT operations.
Different independent vendors entered into partnership with the Redhat Company to come up with solutions for various client concerns. You can now have a wide variety of options on how to take advantage of the benefits of Redhat consulting. Without proper awareness, it will be very to be lost and make the wrong decisions as you incorporate open source applications to your system. Initially, it is important to be aware of the two types of licensing: one type requires your software to be a part of the open source community while the other one that doesn’t. Knowing the difference can help you understand more of the concepts involved. Also, while we can say that open source solutions are free, the total ownership will generally cost you. For instance, make sure you know how much you have to invest on technical expertise required, the support and annual fees, the customized features according to the needs of your system, the hardware, and several other components required.
The demands for IT solutions is too great that businesses often define competitiveness in terms of the level they’re at when it comes to technology. With the rising demands and challenges for automation and paperless transactions, businesses had to come up with more effective but cheaper ways to deal with the growing demands. Thus, open source solutions became one of the most popular options. When we say open source software, you can rely on Redhat which is one of the world’s leading distributors and contributors of open source technology. For companies that are lagging when it comes to the latest trends, Redhat consulting is the perfect choice.

Learn All about Redhat Cluster Suite


Redhat cluster suite is one of the features that can give a lot of benefits to all Redhat Linux users. Businesses can definitely increase performance, security, and profitability through this Redhat solution. It includes software that allows high availability, high performance, load balancing, and backup storage functions. Let us learn about the basics of this particular solution for Redhat Enterprise Linux users. Continue reading