New Real Application Cluster Admin Course


RAC 10g/11g ( Real Application Cluster )
 1) Preparing Your Cluster Checking Requirements
  •    Preparing the Server
  •     Configuring the Network
  •     Preparing the Operating System and Software
  •     Configuring Installation Directories and Shared Storage
2) Installing and Configuring Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC
  •     Preparing the Oracle Media Installation File
  •     Installing Oracle Clusterware 10g
  •     Configuring Automatic Storage Management in an ASM Home Directory
  •     Installing the Oracle Database Software and Creating a Cluster Database
  •     Performing Postinstallation Tasks
  •     Converting an Oracle Database to an Oracle RAC Database
 3) Administering Database Instances and Cluster Databases
  •     Administering Database Instances and Cluster Databases Overview of Oracle RAC Database Management
  •     Administering Oracle RAC with Enterprise Manager
  •     Starting and Stopping Oracle RAC Databases and Database Instances
  •     Viewing and Modifying Oracle RAC Initialization Parameters
  •     Administering Storage in Oracle RAC
 4) Administering Oracle Clusterware Components
  •     Backing Up and Recovering Voting Disks
  •     Adding and Removing Voting Disks
  •     Backing Up and Recovering the Oracle Cluster Registry
  •     Changing the Oracle Cluster Registry Configuration
  •     Troubleshooting the Oracle Cluster Registry
5) Administering Backup and Recovery
  •       Overview of Oracle RAC Database Backup and Recovery
  •       Deploying a Flash Recovery Area in Oracle Real Application Clusters
  •       Archiving in Oracle Real Application Clusters
  •       Credentials for Performing Enterprise Manager Backup and Recovery
  •       Performing Backups of Your Oracle RAC Database
  •       Preparing to Restore and Recover Your Oracle RAC Database
  •       Recovering Your Oracle RAC Database
  •       Managing Your Database Backups
  •       Displaying Backup Reports for Your Oracle RAC Database
6) Managing Database Workload Using Services
  •        About Workload Management
  •       Creating Services
  •       Administering Services
7) Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  •       Using Performance Views in Oracle Real Application Clusters
  •      Monitoring Oracle RAC Database Performance
  •      Using the Automatic Workload Repository in Oracle RAC Environments
  •      Troubleshooting Configuration Problems in Oracle RAC Environments
8) Adding Nodes and Instances
  •       Preparing Access to the New Node
  •      Extending the Oracle Clusterware Home Directory
  •      Extending the Oracle Automatic Storage Management Home Directory
  •      Extending the Oracle RAC Software Home Directory
  •      Creating a Listener on the New Node
  •      Adding a New Cluster Instance on the New Node
9) Managing Oracle Software and Applying Patches
  •       Configuring the Enterprise Manager Patch Interface
  •      Obtaining the Patch
  •      Preparing to Use OPatch
  •      Applying Patches
  •      Applying Patch Sets
  •      Troubleshooting Patch Deployment

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