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Oracle Cloud 

Oracle Cloud redefines how businesses modernize, innovate, and compete in a digital world, delivering complete and integrated cloud services that allow users and developers to build, deploy, and manage workloads seamlessly—in the cloud or on premises.

Oracle Cloud continues the heritage of providing mission- and business-critical application and data solutions for organizations of all sizes. Future-proof your business with the future-proof cloud

Course Content:

I: Cloud Computing Fundamentals

1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What Is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Service Models
  • Cloud Deployment Models
  • Metering and Chargeback

2: Introduction to Database as a Service

  • What Is Database as a Service?
  • DBaaS Public Cloud Offerings
  • DBaaS in Private Cloud.
  • DBaaS in Managed Services Model
  • Getting Started with Database as a Service

II: Database Administration in Cloud Provisioning

3: Provisioning

  • Database Provisioning Overview
  • Database Provisioning in Oracle Cloud
  • Database Provisioning in AWS

4: High Availability Options

  • Need for High Availability with Cloud-Based DBs
  • Database High Availability Overview
  • HA Options in Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle RAC Provisioning in Oracle Cloud
  • Connecting to Your RAC Database Servers Using PuTTY
  • Connecting to Your RAC Database Using SQL Developer
  • RAC HA Testing
  • HA Options in AWS
  • Overview of the Multi-AZ Deployment Option

5: Disaster Recovery Options

  • Need for Disaster Recovery with Cloud-Based DBs
  • Database Disaster Recovery (DR) Overview
  • DR Options in Oracle Cloud
  • Provisioning of DataGuard in Oracle Cloud
  • DataGuard Administration in Oracle Cloud
  • DR Options in AWS

6: DB Security

  • Need for Database Security with Cloud-Based DB
  • Cloud Security Model
  • Security Configurations in Oracle Cloud
  • Security Configurations in AWS
  • Security Best Practices

7: DB Migration to the Cloud

  • DB Migration Key Considerations
  • Migration Lifecycle
  • Migration Approach
  • Migration Options
  • Detailed Migration Steps for Data Migration from the Local Database to Amazon RDS
  • Detailed Migration Steps for Data Migration Using Oracle Data Pump Utility
  • Migration Using RMAN Backup Restore
  • Migration By Cloning a PDB into the Cloud
  • Migration Using DMS
  • Migration Using AWS Snowball
  • Migration Best Practices

8: Backup and Restore

  • Overview of Database Backup and Restore from the Cloud Perspective
  • Using the Cloud as a Backup Destination for an On-Premise Database Using Backup and Restore Options (Within the Cloud)for a Cloud Database
  • DB Backup and Restore in Oracle Cloud\
  • Database Recovery in Oracle Cloud
  • DB Backup and Restore in AWS
  • Backup and Restore Best Practices

9: Manage and Monitor

  • Overview of Cloud DB Monitoring and Management
  • DB Monitoring and Management in Oracle Cloud
  • DB Monitoring and Management in AWS
  • DB Monitoring and Management Best Practices

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14th Dec 2020Regular7.30 am To 9.30 am
19th Dec 2020Weekend10.30 am To 02.30 pm
21st Dec 2020Regular7.30 am To 9.30 am
26th Dec 2020Weekend10.30 am To 02.30pm
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