Oracle RAC 11g

Oracle Real Application Cluster ( Oracle RAC )

What you will learn


  • Understand Oracle cluster Architecture
  • Install an Oracle cluster
  • Create a Oracle RAC database
  • Manage Oracle RAC instances
  • Use Oracle RAC utilities
  • Set up failover
  • Set up Backup and Recovery
  • Manage clusters
  • Troubleshoot Oracle RAC

Course Topics of Oracle RAC

Cluster Architectural

  • cluster Architecture
  • Shared Storage
  • Nodes and Interconnects
  • Virtual IP Addresses
  • Oracle Software
  • Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR)
  • The RAC Voting Disk

Oracle Clusterware

  • What is Oracle Clusterware ?
  • Oracle Clusterware Components
  • Oracle Clusterware Processes
  • Oracle Clusterware and Shared Storage
  • Oracle Clusterware Preinstallation Steps
  • Node Preparation
  • Configuraing SSH User Equivalency
  • Installing Oracle Clusterware
  • cluvfy – The Cluster Varification Utility
  • Oracle Clusterware Postinstallation

 Installing DB Software and Creating a RAC Database

  • Installation Overview
  • Configuring the OS Envirionment
  • Verifying System REadiness with the CVU
  • Installing the Database Software
  • Troubleshooting Installation Setup
  • Recommended Postinstallation Tasks
  • Running the VIPCA
  • Creating a Cluster Database Using DBCA
  • Database Pre-Creation Tasks
  • Initialization Parameter

RAC Database Architecture

  • Oracle Single-Instance Architecture
  • Overview of RAC
  • RAC Architecture
  • RAC Instance and Parameter Files
  • RAC Database Components
  • RAC Instance Background Processes
  • Global Resource Direcotry
  • Overview of Cache Fusion
  • Cache Fusion Components – GES and GCS
  • Cache Fusion Background processes
  • Application Connection to RAC

Managing Oracle Clusterware

  • About Oracle Clusterware
  • Backing Up and Recovering Voting Disks
  • Adding and Removing Voting Disks
  • The OCR
  • Changing the OCR Configuration
  • Adding and Removing an OCR Location
  • backing Up and Recovering the OCR
  • Resotring from Automatic OCR Backups
  • Moving or Replacing the OCR
  • Repairing the OCR Configuration
  • Troubleshooting the OCR

RAC Instance Management

  • Overview of RAC Instance Management
  • Starting and Stoping a RAC Database
  • RAC Database Identical Parameters
  • RAC Database Unique Parameters
  • Changing Parameter Values
  • Administering Undeo Tablespaces in RAC
  • Administering Redo Logs in RAC

RAC Utilities

  • The ocrcheck Utilitiy
  • The ocrdump Utility
  • The crs_stat Utility
  • The crsctl Utility
  • The Server Control (SRVCTl) Utility


  • Overview or Services
  • Types of Servicers
  • Creating Services with DBCA
  • Creating SErvices with SRVCTL
  • Preferred and Available Instances for Services
  • Using Services
  • Managing Services
  • Service Views
  • Tracing with Services


  • Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
  • Client-Side vs. Server-Side TAF
  • configuring TAF on the client
  • Configuring TAF on the Server
  • Using OEM to Configure TAF
  • Using SRVCTL to Configure TAF
  • Using DBCA to Configure TAF
  • The DBMS_SERVICE Package
  • Connecting to the Database with TAF
  • Monitoring TAF Connection

RAC Backup and Recovery

  • Overview of RAC Backup and Recovery
  • Log Archiving in RAC
  • Undo Tablespaces in RAC
  • Using Flashback Features in RAC
  • Deploying a Flash Recovery Area in RAC
  • Performing RMAN Backups of a RAC Database
  • Performing Non-RMAN Backups
  • Preparing to Restore and Recover with RMAN
  • Recover the RAC Database with RMAN
  • Recovering Without RMA

 Cluster Management

  • Overview of Cluster Management Tasks
  • Extending the Clusterware Home Directory
  • Extending the ASK Home directory
  • Extending the Database Software Home Direcotory
  • Creating a Listener on the New Node
  • Creating the New Instance
  • Verifying the New Instance
  • Removing a Node

 RAC Troubleshooting

  • The Oracle Clusterware Alert Log
  • Clusterware Component Log Files
  • Using crsctl to Diagonose Cluster Issues
  • Using diagcollection
  • Checking Interconnect Setting
  • cluvfy – Verifying clusterware Component Integrity
  • cluvfy – verifying Cluster Registry Integrity
  • cluvfy – Verifying Cluster Integrity
  • RAC Database Aletrts
  • The racdiag.sql Script
  • The oradebug Utility

RAC Tuning

  • RAC Tuning Methodology
  • Using Performance Views in RAC
  • Monitoring Cache Fusion
  • Global Cache Latencies
  • Monitoring Cache Transfers