Unix-Linux Fundamentals Course

Unix-Linux Fundamentals Course

Master the  essential fundamental concepts about Linux/UNIX operating system. Learn history of linux/UNIX, filesystems, file & directory related commands, server monitoring, security, processes, jobs, job scheduling, i/o redirection etc.

Unix-Linux Fundamentals Focus Training Services

Unix-Linux Fundamentals Focus Training Services

WHY LEARN Unix-Linux Fundamentals

The course name “UNIX-Linux Fundamentals Course” itself tells all about this course. You may be an experienced IT professional or a newbie in UNIX/Linux technology. This course will start from the basics and teach you in depth all necessary concepts. You will be able to work freely in the domain of UNIX or Linux. If you want to start your career in the leading technologies of the open source Linux world, this is the first most suitable course for you.

SKILL SET AFTER FINISHING “UNIX-Linux Fundamentals Course”

  • You will be eligible to go for any advanced Unix/Linux Training and then complete the certification like RHCSA, RHCE, AIX, SOLARIS, HP-UX.
  • You will be eligible to handle basic queries on Unix platform, Exam[le: to obtained systems IP address, move around UNIX Filesystem, to check processes, to understand the Users and their authentication etc.
  • You will be eligible to go for System Administration level – I position or UNIX/Linux support related jobs.
  • You will easily understand the Automation system in Shell scripting.


  • Any beginner who wants to enter in to the IT Administration field from any stream.
  • Any professional who have experience in windows and wanted to shift on Unix platform.
  • Any Unix Administrator who wants to learn Scripting language.


  • Because this is an Open Source technology Fundamentals does not have any Authenticated exam, but you can go for various tutorial available on internet or contact to Focus Training Services for entry level examination.

COURSE CONTENT For Unix-Linux Fundamentals Course

  • History and Introduction to Unix / Linux
  • Files & Processes
  • Directory Structure
  • How to start Unix Terminal
  • Listing Files & Directories
  • Making & Changing Directories
  • What is path and how to give Path
  • Copy, Move , Rename File.
  • Display or search content of File
  • What is Redirection and How to redirect In Put & Out put.
  • Pipe
  • File System Security
  • Changing access rights
  • Processes and jobs
  • Listing suspended and Background Processes
  • Killing Processes
  • Other commands which are very useful but not require heavily in day to day business.

Unix-Linux Fundamentals Course MATERIAL & RECOMMENDED BOOKS

Focus Training Services has its own internal training material & training program for 15 working days. Also you can avail the benefit of Online Material for your studies.For more information  Please fell this enquiry form.

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21st Dec 2020Regular7.30 am To 9.30 am
26th Dec 2020Weekend10.30 am To 02.30pm
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You can go for the next level of becoming an Red Hat Linux Certified Administrator. It is a well sought after certification in the IT industry these days and will help you put your career in a fast track. You can get more information about the RHCSA certification from this informative video.


Still waiting?? Join Fast & Get enter in to Unix World. Wish you all the best, Happy Learning !!!