Red Hat Launches OpenShift V2.0 Cloud Platform

The updated version of Red Hat’s cloud computing-based PaaS platform, known as OpenShift V2.0, is now live. According to reports, the next generation of Red Hat’s cloud computing solution takes matters to an entire new level. It has highly advanced capabilities and features including modern data center integration, simple and easy installer and latest networking.

Unveiling the new version, Ashish Badani, general manager of OpenShift, said at the event, “This platform will realise the high end feature set that is available with the OpenShift online version of this platform. There are many versions of OpenShift platform, which are very useful for a wide range of customers, and Red Hat release the updates of these platform three to four times a year.”

The newly launched version has an easy installer process, which is wizard driven and will be available to both the community of the OpenShift origin release and the enterprise users of Red Hat customers. In addition, the platform also has a feature rich administration console, which has been developed for it.

On being questioned about the impact of Cloud Foundry on OpenShift, Badani said that there had been no impact as such.


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