RedHat Clustering And Storage Administration (RH436)

Red Hat Clustering and Storage Administration (RH436)


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux  Deployments (RH436):

    The intensive, hands-on Red Hat® Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management course teaches storage management, the Red Hat High Availability Add-On, and the shared storage technology delivered by  Red Hat Global File System 2 (GFS2) and Red Hat Storage Server. Created for senior Linux® system administrators, this  course strongly emphasizes lab-based activities. You’ll learn how to deploy and manage shared storage and server clusters that provide highly available network services to a mission-critical enterprise environment.


  • System Administrators, conultants and other IT professionals.


  • RHCE certification or equivalent experience.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Cluster and Storage

  • Get an overview of  storage and cluster technologies

Unit 2: ISCSI Configuration

  • Setup and manage ISCSI

 Unit 3: UDEV

  • Learn basic manipulation and creation  of UDEV rules

 Unit 4: Multipathing

  • Combine multiple pathe to SAN device into one fault-tolerant virtual device

Unit 5:  Red Hat high availability overview

  • Learn the architecture and component technologies in the Red Hat® High Availability Add-On

Unit 6: Quorum

  • Understand quorum and quorum calculations

Unit 7: Fencing

  • Understand Fencing and fencing configuration

Unit 8: Resources and resource group

  • Understand rgmanager and the configuration of resources and resource groups.

Unit 9:Advanced resource management

  • Understand resource dependencies and complex resources

Unit 10: Two-node cluster issues

  • Understand the use and limitations of 2-node clusters.

Unit 11: LVM mangement

  • Review LVM commands and Clustered LVM (clvm).

Unit 12: Global File System 2

  • Understand the GFS2 file system and use tools to create, maintain, and troubleshoot it

Unit 13:  XFS

  • Explore the Features of the XFS® file system and tools required for creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting.
Unit 14: Red Hat Storage

  • Work with Gluster to create and maintain a scale-out storage solution

Unit 15: Comprehensive review

  • Work with Gluster to create and maintain a scale-out storage solution

Certification Exam:

Certification Exam Code: EX 436

  • This is exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.
  • 11 Training units will be provided.
  • Official course Material will be required to appear this exam.
  • Exam Duration – 3hrs.
  • Exam Fees – Rs. 15000 + S.Tax per candidate.(Offers Applicable) Fees should be paid by DD drown in favor of  “Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at Mumbai.
  • Exam results are emailed within 5 business days following the exam

Upcoming batches for the month of July 2018.

  • 02th July 2018
  • 07th July 2018
  • 16th July 2018
  • 21th July 2018

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