System Admin Q & A on process, cron, lsof

Ques 1 : – What command would you use to alter the priority of a running process?

Ans : – The renice command.

Ques 2 : – When would the cron daemon execute a job that is submitted as */10 * 2-8 */6 1

Ans : – The cron daemon will run the script every tenth minute of the hour on the 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , 6 th , 7 th ,and 8 th of every 6 th month provided the day falls on a Monday.

Ques 3 : – What is the other command besides the ps command to view processes running on the system?

Ans : -The top command.

Ques 4 : – What is the command to list the PID of a specific process?

Ans : -The pidof command can be used to list the PID of a specific process.

Ques 5 : – What are the background processes normally referred to in Linux?

Ans : – The background processes are referred to as daemons

Ques 6 : – Which command is used to run a process immune to hangup signals?

Ans : – The nohup command with an ampersand sign at the end of the command line.

Ques 7 : – What is the default nice value?

Ans : – The default nice value is zero.

Ques 8 : – What are the four ls* commands to view pci, usb, cpu, and hal information?

Ans : – The lspci, lsusb, lscpu, and lshal commands.

Ques 9 : – The parent process gets the nice value of its child process. True or False?

Ans : – True

Ques 10 : – Every process running on the system has a unique identication number called UID. True or False?

Ans : – False. It is called the PID.

Ques 11 : – Why would you use the renice command?

Ans : – The renice command can be used to change the niceness of a running process.

Ques 12 : – Which user does not have to be explicitly defined in either *.allow or *.deny file to be able to run the at and cron jobs?

Ans : – The root user.

Ques 13 : – What command would you use to list open files?

Ans : – The lsof command.

Ques 14 : – What does the run-parts command do?

Ans : – The run-parts command is used to run scripts listed in the specified directory.

Ques 15 : – When would the at command execute a job that is submitted as at 01:00 12/12/15

Ans : – The at command will run it at 1am on December 12, 2015

Ques 16 : – What would the nice command display without any options or arguments?

Ans : – The nice command displays the default nice value when executed without any options.

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