System Admin Q & A – X

Ques 1: – What is SAN ?

Ans: – storage area network (SAN) is defined as a set of interconnected devices (e.g. disks and tapes) and servers that are connected to a common communication and data transfer infrastructure such as a fibre channel. The common communication and data transfer mechanism for a given deployment is commonly known as the storage fabric. The purpose of the SAN is to allow multiple servers access to a pool of storage in which any server can potentially access any storage unit.


Ans: – Fibre Channel SANs are the de facto standard for storage networking in the corporate data center because they provide exceptional reliability, scalability, consolidation, and performance. Fibre Channel SANs provide significant advantages over direct-attached storage through improved storage utilization, higher data availability, reduced management costs, and highly scalable capacity and performance.

Ques 3: – What are key differnces between open source zimbra and network edition of zimbra server?

Ans: – Clustering/High-Availability feature is available in network edition of zimbra server. Hot Backup is also possible in zimbra network edition Email Archiving & Discovery is not possible in opensource zimbra server. Real-time backup and restore is also possible in network edition of zimbra server

Ques 4: – Explain the functionality of PING.

Ans: – Ping Is particularly used to check if the system is in network or not. It also gives packet lost information. In windows ping command is written as ping ip_address. The output returns the data packets information. The number of packets sent, received and lost is returned by PING.

Ques 5: – What is NetBIOS protocol?

Ans: – NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) Protocol allows applications on separate computers to communicate over a LAN. It runs over TCP/IP giving each computer in the network a NetBIOS name and IP address. E.g. It can be used for computers running Windows 2000 (or before) to join a computer network running Windows 2000 (or later).

Ques 6: – How do u force a user to change password on next login in linux?

chage -d 0 “User”

Ques 7: – Explain traffic monitoring on a switched network ?

Ans: – Two popular methods that are specifically designed to allow a network analyst to monitor traffic are:

Port mirroring — the switch sends a copy of network packets to a monitoring network connection.

SMON — “Switch Monitoring” is described by RFC 2613 and is a protocol for controlling facilities such as port mirroring.

Another method to monitor may be to connect a layer-1 hub between the monitored device and its switch port. This will induce minor delay, but will provide multiple interfaces that can be used to monitor the individual switch port

Ques 8: – When u try to create a file, u got a error that “No space available”. But actually space available on volume? How do u resolve this issue?

Ans: – Try this df -i list inode information instead of block usage [Perhaps are you out of inodes on this file system.], To “rectify it”, remove unwanted files or move them somewhere else.

Ques 9: – How do u findout the users who are NOT logged in for more than 30 days? which file u will check?

Ans: – last , lastlog, /var/log/wtmp

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