UNIX Bash Shell Scripting for Oracle Developers & DBA’s

Unix Bash Shell Scripting & AWK Programming

Shell Scripting Course is specifically designed to develop skills required for   automation on Unix / Linux Environment. This course focuses on the basic and intermediate level of Scripting. It provides class room training as well as Online training with hands on sessions to administer the UNIX shell.

Suitable for:

  • Linux Administrators
  • UNIX programmers
  • Database (Oracle/Sybase)developers working on UNIX platforms
  • Database (Oracle/Sybase)Administrators

Prerequisites :

  • Knowledge in Unix / Linux Platform
  • Basic Knowledge in Shell Commands
  • Any Programming language

Course Contents:

 Shell Variables

  •         User defined variables
  •         How to assign value to a variable
  •         Rules for Naming variable name
  •         How to access the value of variable
  •         Variables are not declared
  •         How to capture output of a command in a variable
  •         Arithmetic on variables

Writing and Debugging bash Shell Scripts

  •  Creating and running a script
  •   Script basics
  •   Debugging Bash scripts

The Bash Environment

  •         Shell initialization files
  •         Variables
  •         Quoting characters
  •         Shell expansion
  •         Aliases
  •         More Bash options

Regular Expression

  • Regular expression
  • Examples using grep
  • Pattern matching using Bash features

Important Shell Utilities

  • cut
  • sed, tr
  • find
  • sort
  • grep, egrep, fgrep
  • awk

Conditional Statements

  •  Introduction to “if”
  • More advanced “if” usage
  • Using case statements
  • Writing interactive scripts
  • Displaying user messages
  • Catching user input

Repetitive tasks

  •  The for loop
  •  The while loop
  •  The until loop
  •  I/O redirection and loops
  •  Break and continue
  •  Making menus with the select built –in
  •  The shift built in

More on variables

  •  Types of variables
  •  Array variables
  •  Operation on variables


  •  Introduction
  •  Examples of function in scripts
  •  Passing arguments to functions
  •  Scope of variable in functions – local & global

Catching signals

  •  Signals
  •   Traps

Upcoming Batches Schedule

14th Dec 2020Regular7.30 am To 9.30 am
19th Dec 2020Weekend10.30 am To 02.30 pm
21st Dec 2020Regular7.30 am To 9.30 am
26th Dec 2020Weekend10.30 am To 02.30pm
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