What is Linux?

Linux is a common abbreviation of GNU/Linux which is a FREE OF COST replacement for the Microsoft Windows operating system built under the model of free software development and distribution. It comprises the GNU System developed by the GNU Project and Linux kernel.

easy to get started with linux

Linux is easy to use

Curious about what is Linux, but not ready to dive in without an initial introduction? Did you know that you can use the full version of Linux without even having to install it? Using a Live CD gives you the opportunity to evaluate and play with Linux before you decide to install it on your computer.


Linux is a powerful and robust tool

Linux is Robust

Linux was built to run on any type of hardware and contains thousands of ready to use applications and utilities. When it comes to using Linux, the only limitation is your imagination and not the depth of your pockets.


Linux modern design

Linux is Stylish

Not only is Linux is a fast operating system with minimum hardware requirements it also has a modern Graphical User Interface design. You can tailor the user interface to look and act however you like, the options are truly unlimited. Customize your desktop to suit your exact needs and create your own personal perfect user interface.

6 reasons

Why use Linux

Freedom & Independence

Linux is licensed under GNU General Public Licence (GPL), for which credit goes to GNU project. This license gives a right to copy the software, look at the source code, modify and redistribute it to anyone as long as it remains licensed under the GPL. This provides a number of benefits such as vendor independence, higher software quality, innovation and openness as well as promoting learning and education.

Security & No Viruses

Linux was build on top of a powerful authorization management system, which, by default, does not allow regular users to interact the core system functions. As a result Linux is well-protected against viruses. This provides Linux users with an additional benefit of saving money and system resources on anti-virus and anti-spy ware software.

Software & Updates

Linux is packed with free software to accommodate even the most demanding users. In fact, you will not find an operating system, which has more applications than Linux. Whether you need an office suite, graphics editing program or music player you will find it in Linux. The best news is that updates to your software are unlimited and free of cost. Furthermore, the Linux software management system allows users to keep everything up-to-date with a single click.

Free of Cost

Because of Linux’s Free Licence, there is no need to pay for an operating system anymore as most of the Linux desktop distributions are free of cost. Furthermore, Linux does not require registration or credit card to get started. This includes unlimited, lifetime, free of cost updates and security patches. In return Linux users are welcome to participate in further development of this operating system by providing optional feedback, bug reports, etc.

Support & Community

Linux was build by users for users and so community around Linux is growing rapidly every day. The Linux community is very friendly and always willing to help Linux users on any technical level. There are a huge number of online forums, chatrooms, blogs and newsgroups available to provide you with 24/7 support. There is no need for a credit card to get your problems solved. The only thing required is to be polite and ask.

Performance & Reliability

Most of the world’s modern supercomputers use Linux due to its profound performance and reliability. Linux is a flexible operating system supporting multiple hardware platforms and yet limiting hardware requirements to run this operating system to a bare minimum. No operating system is perfect but Linux is very close to perfection due to the constant involvement of an ever growing Linux community providing support and software improvements.


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